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Wood has always been a great material for building homes and commercial institutions. The best kind will not just provide exceptional stability for the building but likewise provide it a kind of unique beauty and character. Aside from choosing the right type of wood, regardless of whether it is Western Red Cedar or Siberian Larch you can utilize several approaches that will enhance the look of the structure you are constructing.
One such strategy is called Timber Cladding. In this way, a great many types of structures are solidly supported by the layers of timber and other material on the walls and pillars. Timber Cladding is an increasingly popular choice for finishing the outside of commercial and domestic buildings. Otherwise known as weatherboarding or siding, it is an attractive and economical way to finish the exterior of both new and old buildings. It is important that cladding should be done in a disciplined and effective manner.
Woods such as Larch and Western Red Cedar provide a hardwearing, protective layer against the elements and they are also excellent insulators. Many different species of wood are suitable for exterior use because of their natural resistance to decay. Western Red Cedar and Larch have been used for hundreds of years to protect houses from the elements and are increasingly being specified for a more modern, contemporary appearance.
Another great benefit from applying a wall with timber covering to the outside of the building is that the acoustic wall panels create a barrier between noise from inside or outside the interior rooms making them more pleasant to live or work in. Without the distractions that occur from sounds from the outside better concentration can be achieved by those indoor occupants.  is an excellent choice for homes as well as buildings in the centre of a large city.
Making use of natural materials that replenish themselves is an amazing way to show the world that you agree with the movement to go green. Timber cladding is as popular as ever these days due to its great value, durability and the range of stunning finishes it delivers. Our cladding solutions will protect your buildings, boost insulation while at the same time satisfying todays awareness for environmentally friendly sustainable structures.


Here at Adanack we recommend Western Red Cedar for your cladding and sheeting needs, it is the Rolls Royce of external cladding, looks great, smells great and is easy to work with, nothing else compares in our opinion. All our Cedar claddings are kiln dried and can be left uncoated to weather naturally to a silver Grey colour or will readily accept a stain which will extend its service life. We can supply all our Cedar cladding products with factory applied stain to provide a perfect finish prior to delivery. Where most hardwood claddings are recommended to be used at a finished size of 22mm thick, Western Red Cedar is the exception as it is widely used at a thickness of 18mm where the width is for example 100mm - 160mm.

Benefits Of Cladding
Cost effective, attractive and long lasting.
 Environmentally friendly
Great heat insulator
Effective sound suppression
 Endless options such as colour, density strength, sixes
 Waste efficient material
 Sustainable materials
Easy to rejuvenate/change looks
Easy to maintain/repair

Cladding and Sheeting is in our DNA here at Adanack so when it comes to your choice to create or design your project we are the clear choice in the market. 



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