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End matching is a very desirable finish which involves precisely trimming both ends of the boards with a tongue and groove profile. End matching is a relatively new technique that has saved tradesmen and clients both time and money. Without end matching all the boards must be mitred at the site location resulting in lost time and extra waste material ultimately adding up to extra costs! 
End matching is worth considering on very big jobs where the smallest of details and margins can add up exponentially. Projects will complete faster, less waste is generated and clean-up is much easier due to a lack of sawdust generated from grooving boards onsite.
There is also the knock on effect of reducing extra costs in waste disposal on job completion. When end matching is carried out, orders on flooring only require a max of 5% overage compared to a typical 12% without end matching. 

It goes without saying that you can also avail of our timber sales and deliveries services to get this practical and stylish finish to your timber.


When you request end matching at Adanack you will receive your boards ready to install with all the painfully slow work already done for you. Our precision cutting means you will use more or less all the timber we deliver to you and will complete your project in much faster time

There is also the finished look to consider, with end matching, all your boards will lock in nice and tight giving an awesome finish. You get that real flush face finish you desire and no need of unsightly face nailing as you can blind nail direct to the stud through the tongue.

Benefits Of End Matching
Saves time & costs
Less on site labour
Less waste material
Easier site clean up
All material used
Stunning finish

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