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Timber Cladding, Staining & Sheeting Specialists

Adanack is Ireland’s leading importers of sustainable Cladding and Sheeting products as well as being the premier authority on staining timber, using only the top quality materials, most up to date technologies and methods to produce a final product like no other. Put simply, we offer the best quality timber products in the widest range possible and all at the most competitive prices. 

We take immense pride in manufacturing Hardwood and Softwood mouldings and components for the entire construction market be it for merchants, builders, architects, private dwellings or the simple DIY enthusiast.

Our vast product range includes cladding and sheeting, fencing and screening, trims and mouldings, decking, shingles and much more in a wide range of timber species which we can customize to your needs.
We are Ireland’s leading supplier of high grade Western Red Cedar as we believe Cedar is the best choice all round for most needs.
Our goals are simple; to provide the highest standards in quality timber products and services at the best prices possible.


Whether its for your project, budget or the planet at Adanack we say...Wood Is Good!!

Timber clading building


From Humble Beginnings

Adanack was founded in 2000 by John Chester our managing director who until then had spent over 20 years serving his time as a carpenter in a variety of positions. John previously had worked in the USA, England, Australia and South Africa and felt the experience and knowledge he accumulated of various styles and practices in the trade all over the world gave him the perfect base to setup a new company giving Ireland's construction trade a new set of options based on best practices learned abroad and leaning on the connections he had made along the way.
Adanack quickly took off and went from strength to strength attracting some big attention that culminated in supplying sheeting and panelling for the Canadian Athletes section of the Olympic Village at the Beijing Summer Olympics 2008.

Since those early years Adanack has strived to become the most dependable supplier of imported sheeting and cladding to the trade, the company has grown year on year allowing us to reinvest back into the business especially in regard to our range of sheeting and cladding and our in house factory coating system. We have been driven by the vision of becoming the most dependable supplier of premium graded imported timbers to the trade with our high levels of quality and service only matched by our big ambitions.
Now into our third decade since our formation we here at Adanack are still a privately owned 100% Irish company and have established ourselves as the market leader in our sector. We continue to set the standards going forward as we embrace new technologies and practices to write the next chapter in Adanack's developing story.


Timber Cladding and Sheeting apartment block


Trusted By The Best

Our solid reputation is a source of great pride to us and is commonly agreed upon amongst the top professionals in our trade. This is backed up by the sheer scope and size of the projects we have been called upon to supply for only the most esteemed names in the construction and design industry. We work with some of the top architectures and design teams in Ireland, the UK and afar to supply architectural timber that produces beautiful structures that will stand up to diverse conditions as well as maintaining their aesthetics throughout their lifetime.
We have worked alongside, advised and guided architects, contractors, landscape designers, business owners and home owners since our early days and are delighted when our name then gets passed on to other like minded individuals cementing our reputation by word of mouth instead of fancy promotional marketing.

At Adanack we want our clients to feel like they are in safe hands with regards their choice of timber supplier and we are open and honest with them all along the way. As such we are always happy to welcome visitors to our premises in The Spa, Tralee to check the quality or status of an order or just to see some samples which might help decide order queries. We only ask that you please book an appointment in advance so that we can continue working on behalf of our other customers.


Adanack has built up strong supply lines with the most reputable and responsible suppliers from whom we source only the very best quality timbers out there to ensure all our customers are just as happy with the material quality going towards their own projects. All timbers coming in are thoroughly evaluated for even the most minute faults. We don’t accept the slightest of quality issues with the timber so in turn you won’t have to.
The high standard of our source timbers is only our first concern, we are equally as committed to the quality of the final product leaving our Tralee premises and as such follow a very rigorous and robust quality control process. Nothing leaves our premises before been double checked that it meets the Adanack guarantee of superior quality. In these everchanging times, one thing never changes and that is Adanack’s dedication to quality, service, expertise and value.
We are of course very sensitive to global concerns relating to the environment and as to be expected are dedicated to only supplying our high-quality products from the most trusted certified sources. We take our responsibility to the maintaining of renewable forestry very seriously and only accept timber with a traceable chain of custody.

We have established ourselves over years of guaranteeing quality timbers, workmanship and products that will take a load off of your mind and let you focus on the design and application of your projects.


Second To None

Along with guaranteeing only the finest quality timber products for the best results Adanack have attained widespread acclaim for the personal service we provide along the way.
We know there is an ever-growing number of options available when deciding on a finished wooden product so we are happy to walk our clients through the process from inception to final installation. We can advise you on all aspects of your build be it best install practices, budgets or material choice. No matter what size your project is, we can and want to help you with it and as such have no minimum order 
The relationships we establish with our clients are a source of great pride to Adanack, so we go to great lengths to create lasting bonds with those clients. These bonds are not just based on the value-added cutting and standing services we provide, the performance calibre or the work quality we provide. When that trust is earned, we never take it for granted. We are always looking for ways to go that extra mile to surpass our client’s expectations at Adanack.
Our dedication to service and quality has seen us forge many long-term partnerships where previous clients keep returning to us with their new ideas and projects.

Timber cladding house extension
Stained timber stack.jpeg


Priceless Knowledge & Insight

Adanacks expertise in all things timber is built upon our solid base of experience along with a dedicated professional team who continue to set new standards in our game year in year out. There is very little timber related work that we haven't seen or done before and any that may exist we simply see as a challenge and a chance to add it to our portfolio of experience. 
Knowing the great results possible when the right decisions are made leaning on our experience, we strive to produce a quality product like no other. From source to intended end use, all our products are scrutinised and individually processed for 100% full site utilisation.
We know that making a choice on a timber finished product can be a daunting choice to even the most seasoned project manager but we are confident you will be very impressed that our knowledge, experience and exacting standards meet your high expectations.
It is our goal to provide you with top level designed environmentally sustainable products that will stand proud over the years. Along with top quality products, service and value we want Adanack clients to be confident in the choices they are making which will ultimately decide the outcome of their projects.
We are confident you can trust our knowledge and years of experience working at the highest levels all around the world to get a clear understanding of your needs and visions, making Adanack the clear choice!



At Adanack we are constantly evolving and looking to expand our service to our clients, we have tried to cover as much of our wide range here on the site but couldn’t possibly detail all our offerings. If there is something you don’t see here please get in touch, we will be only too happy to try and meet your requirements or suggest alternatives if you are struggling to meet those requirements due to supply shortage or financial constraints etc. We promise to give your projects as much time, thought and attention as you have because we know how important that final result is. We guarantee that we will supply only the very best materials and products on the market and help you realise your ideas and designs in as unique a way as the person who conceived them. 
We know the costs involved in all projects can spiral out of control so we are always looking for the best value out there while maintaining the same Adanack quality so we can in turn pass those savings onto you so that not only will you feel you got the best advice, products and service from Adanack but also were able to obtain the best value too.

Never ones to rest on our laurels here at Adanack we are continuously working to improve our service and our product range by always keeping one eye on all the new developments, styles, technologies and techniques ever changing in our sector. We are always willing to invest extra time and finance into improving our products and services to ensure that
at Adanack it’s always YOUR TIMBER, YOUR WAY...

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