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At Adanack we will supply all your construction grade hardwood timber in sawn planks, planed all over or machined in whatever species and measurements you require. We can also supply your soft timbers again in sawn planks, planed all over, machined or profiled in our typical profiles or we can talk to you to design your own custom profiles.
We supply the roofing and construction industry all over Ireland and beyond where we have built a solid reputation of only supplying quality construction timber just how our clients request it. We know timing is everything on site so when Adanack sets a date for delivery we do everything in our power to meet that timeline to ensure you can focus on other site concerns safe in the knowledge that your exact specified construction timber will arrive when we agreed to deliver it.

Our softwood timbers are all pre treated with a preservative to ensure it does not become susceptible to rot and insect attack. Our untreated timber or 'sawn' timber as it is better known is rigorously tested and checked to ensure it is robust and stable enough for the jobs it will be required for. We take our timber sales and deliveries very seriously at Adanack and want to be sure that you have one less thing to worry about on site when we supply your sawn construction timber.


Our promise of YOUR TIMBER, YOUR WAY is not just a catchy tag line to us, at Adanack we go out of our way to ensure you get the best possible quality timber just how you want it that will give years of service and compliment any site.
Rough or sawn, indoors or outdoors, treated or regular makes no odds to us we love doing it all and we take our sawn and construction timber orders as serious as the finishing products we supply. We aim to make no distinction between any timber order, it is the customer we are aiming to please that is foremost in our mind, we have pride in our work, reputation and service level and know that good construction grade timber is the base that all finished projects are built on.

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