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Fencing and screens are all too often overlooked or not given enough attention when it comes to overall design but choosing the right fence or screens can really enhance the final look of your project. A beautifully design and treated fence can not only help to define your property boundary but can also add to the landscape surrounding your property. A stylish screen can add intrigue and style to your space as well as given extra privacy. When designed and installed properly these products can be both functional and a stunning aesthetic to finish off your space.

Contemporary timber screen slats have become the most popular choice for the fashion conscious garden design being very pleasing on the eye whilst also giving the desired function of privacy and security.

In modern times the choices of wood for use in the garden has expanded significantly to cater for the ever expanding designs been created, traditionally however Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch are the best premium garden landscaping woods as they have a high natural durable rating as well as being easy to stain or paint.
Any fencing, screens or panels drawn up by our design team at Adanack for you will create a backdrop for the enclosed landscape as well as giving years of service to the purpose they have been tasked to. Added with our commercial and residential timber sales top class service you can be sure to receive the best designed fencing and screens available.
We offer an in-house factory coating service to help future protect your fencing or screen fence panels for the long life span the products we produce here deserve. The coating products we use for these products are Teknos, European Coatings and Sikken


Here at Adanack we will custom design your fencing or garden screens precisely to suit your needs. We treat these projects like they are our own unique and complementary to their surroundings. We are only too aware that it's very important from an architectural point of view to finish your space with stylish fencing or screens as it will add an elegant look to your final project, development or garden.

When you choose Adanack's Designed Fencing & Screens you can be sure to get exactly what you are looking for which will add that extra touch of beauty to your garden or house project. Our in house team use their expertise to suit any design be it vertical or horizontal screening or fencing.

The Timbers we use for Screens & Fencing

External: Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch, Iroko, Sapele, Irish Larch
Internal: Poplar, Red Deal, Pitch Pine (when available)

Sample Profiles

Rhombus Profile

Square Edge 30 X 30, 44 X 20, 94X 20, 144 X 20
Square Edge Board with Edges, Rounded Bevel or Rebate
Square Edge or Board & Batten
Western Red Cedar Slotted Battens: 44x22, 94x20
Siberian Larch: 44x20, 94x20, 120x20

(Profile ensures water drains away)

At Adanack we will design as per project..


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