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Iroko is a large hardwood tree from the west coast of tropical Africa that can live up to 500 years. This is the common name for the genus Milicia, in which there are two recognized species, which are closely related: Milicia excelsa and Milicia regia.


Iroku has excellent strength properties while still being softer in bending and in compression along the grain and is a very durable timber to work with. Possibly the most inexpensive, readily available tropical hardwood suitable for exterior use. It is becoming more popular as an alternative to teak when cost saving is required, being 80% cheaper than teak. In fact in Ireland it is used to such a large extent for Windows, doors and frames, that is referred to in Ireland as Irish teak. As one of Ireland's leading timber suppliers with a first clast deliveries system Adanack can help you decide if Iroko is the right fit for your project as well as give our expert advice on how to  get the best results with this beautiful timber species.


General Description

Golden orange to brown, lighter vessel lines conspicuous on flat sawn surfaces. The material may contain large, hard deposits of calcium carbonate in cavities and water around them may be darker in colour. The green is interlocked and sometimes irregular and the texture rather coarse but even.


Ship and boat building, interior and exterior joinery, laboratory benches, furniture making and carving. It is a structural timber suitable for piling and marine working for domestic flooring. Also for plywood manufacturer and sliced for wall panelling, flush doors and decorative veneering


Drives fairly rapidly and well without much degrade and there is a tendency for stick marks during drying. There is small movement in service.

Working Properties

The material works satisfactory with hand and machine tools but with a moderate to severe blunting effect on cutting edges when calcereous stone deposits are present. A reduction of cutting angle to 15 degrees is necessary for a smooth finish and planning quarter sawn surfaces due to interlocked grain. The wood nails and screws well, glues satisfactory and when the grain is filled, an excellent finish can be obtained.


The sapwood is liable to attack by powder post beetle but is highly resistant to termites. Heartwood is very durable and extremely resistant to preservative treatment. The sapwood is permeable.





Medium density, the grain is interlocked and sometimes irregular and the texture rather course, but even. The weight is 640kg/m³ (40lb/ft³) and it has a relative density of .64.

Mechanical Properties

Despite high crushing and medium bending strength and being resistant to shock loads, with a low stiffness category, Sapele has a poor steam bending classification as the wood buckles and ruptures severely.

Coating/Non Coating

Iroko requires differing treatments depending on what the final project in mind is. If you are pre-finishing timber  using Iroko Adanack will assist and advise you on the best treatment to suit your requirements.

Fixings & Fasteners

Nailing and screwing properties are good but pre boring is necessary. If this timber is used externally we recommend stainless steel or coated fixings. As always Adanack will advise you further if need be.

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