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Building facade made of burnt wooden boards. Sho-Sugi-Ban Yakisugi is a traditional Japane


Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese woodworking tradition of preserving wood with fire. Shou Sugi Ban highlights the natural colour and texture of wood, making it more weather-resistant and durable for centuries. The charred timber cladding and sheeting provides a beautiful and long-lasting unique timber finish that is quickly gaining in popularity. The resulting stunning natural finish negates the need to add harmful substances as a preservative. Timber treated in this way is waterproof, fireproof and parasite repellent which is why it has been used for centuries in Japan.
We use these charring techniques at our factory premises to cater for our clients who want this beautiful finish on their final product. We can put numerous finishes and textures to timber for many exterior and interior uses. The Shou Sugi Ban system has been given a modern twist incorporating today’s practices and interpretations with that of the ancient art form. Wood, treated with fire will add timeless aesthetics, uniqueness and an alluring mystique to any project leaving a rustic and elegant appearance to your finish.
The process involves charring the timber first, cleaning the timber via brushing system and then finishing with an oil of your choice or if preferred it can just be left in its natural charred state which looks very impressive as is. Optional at this stage also is to add a sealer coat to the finish if the client prefers it. Either way the final product is stunning with real character that will stand up to changes in weather and conditions due to the timber cell being effectively cauterized by the charring process.


We will supply bespoke and standard profiles in different species for your project and design to ensure the final results are totally original. The exceptionality this unique accent adds to your surroundings is a great finish to bold designs. Not just for use as an exterior cladding, the same techniques can be applied to your interior choice, decking or fencing to make a timeless style statement of any surrounding feature.

Advantages Of Shou Sugi Ban
Beautiful unique finishes
Naturally durable
Harmful treatment not necessary
Wide variety of textures and styles
Enhances woods natural beauty
Low maintenance


Adanack Shou Sugi Ban Charred Styles
Deep Charcoal (Clear Oil)
Dark Black
Dark Grey/Light Grey
Dark Amber/Light Amber



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