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Adanack provides a wide range of services to compliment the exceptional quality timber we provide. We want our clients and customers to feel they need look no further than right here for a total timber solution. Be it treatment options, staining choices or simply delivery to tight deadlines we provide a service that our competitors have been trying to emulate for decades and one that we are proud to boast about. We are always available to offer advice based on our exceptional experience.



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Adanack will machine or profile timber to the sheeting or cladding specs of your choosing. We are happy to custom machine off standard or standard profiles, mouldings or simple square edge planed boards to any measurements for any purpose in any of our available
timbers or particular timbers that you choose.
Once you have selected your timber species, timber is easily machined; T&G profiles, timber fins, solar shading, planed boards for soffit boards, window heads and jambs. are just a summary of the timber products we can supply bespoke to each and every project.
Everything we do at Adanack is with our customers final product in mind and we can do it as unique as our customers or their particular projects are. Our timber services are quite simply put.. custom!

Over the past 21 years we have built a proud reputation based on solid commitment to our client base and dedicated ourselves to providing flexibility and a willingness to please our customers which you just can't find elsewhere.

timber profiles.jpg
Profiled/Machine Wood
Pine boards painted with red stain


We have built up our staining and coating best practices following years of research and application. Our quality stains add long lasting protection, colour and vibrancy to your installation.
At our factory premises we can arrange quality staining in advance of delivery and installation. We machine stain the timber to give a perfect finish every time as well as allowing the  most suitable drying times for the job at hand..
If you have a particular RAL colour in mind, we can also stain your timber in a water based breathable paint. There are also a number of oil based stains in the market, which upon your request we can also apply to your orders.

Staining can be applied to all our various products to enhance or alter their colour or give them long term protection against the elements. We know we can give your project the stunning finish it deserves.

Carpenter staining timber
On Site Staining
Piles of wood lumber in storage for delivery


Whether you are building doors, windows, furniture, or guitars you need wood. And usually you need a very specific cut and size of a certain species. The more specific your product, the more exacting your lumber requirements will be in grade, size, and grain.
Here at Adanack we sell directly to building and construction companies, joinery works and DIY home enthusiasts. We can take a lot of the stress and hassle out of having a finished timber product to hand on building sites by supplying a wide range of machined sheeting and cladding in either hardwood or softwood in standard or non standard profiles. Always prepared to go the extra step for our clients we can also pre stain any timbers prior to dispatch form our premises to your site.

We do not draw the line at supplying specifically to the trade, we are also happy to supply our quality materials for smaller jobs direct to the customer for their needs such as residential projects.

At Adanack we aim to provide you with the best quality timber materials and finishes whilst also ensuring that waste is kept to the minimum which in turn can only serve to lower your costs and be budget friendly whether it be for a residential or commercial project. 
Our unrivalled experience means we have the work practices and infrastructure to deliver on spec, on time 
We can supply the reputable Adanack finish in any specific size and profile on all our products as well as in the rough sawn raw finish needed for construction work or simply if the client requires to add their own finish.
Of course price is always an issue and is ever changing in this day and age so choosing Adanack as your timber supplier makes perfect sense as you get the quality you need at the price you want. Purchasing from us means you get to take advantage of our strong direct supply chain which means we have the ability to cut costs on many levels. This approach of limiting the middle men not only controls costs but also negates the potential pitfalls of quality issues and delayed delivery times. 

Here at Adanack Ltd. we appreciate a reliable supply line is essential to all our customers and clients alike so we are very proud that the partnerships we have formed with our trusted suppliers all over the world ensures that the Irish trade has a local supplier that it can always depend on.


Factory direct, no middle man

Graded 100% for the end-use 

"Door to door” delivery

Selection of well established product lines

Development of your own unique product

Establishment of partnership account

End matching of your product

Pre-staining of your product

Wholesale/Direct Sales
Timber house construction



The requirements for every project are different and we know only too well that the options are endless when working with timber as a material. At Adanack we are only too happy to help you navigate your choices to ensure you get the right timber solution for your needs. Our expert team will help you navigate the path to a beautiful finished project that will stand the test of time and get the best value for your outlay.
We will offer you all the technical advice you need to get you on the right track as well as how to complete your project in as cost effective a manner as possible. If costs are prohibitive or likely to spiral we can suggest alternatives as well as offer bespoke options if existing typical solutions will not suffice for your particular project.
Once you have decided that timber is going to be a necessary material in your project we will advise you on budget options, best wood species to choose, profile tips, what treatment is required as well as critical info along the way regarding fixing to guarantee you get the most aesthetically pleasing finish you expect.
We want to help bring your ideas and visions to life in the most budget friendly and effective way possible. We offer installation guidance based on our vast knowledge in the trade that along with our top quality products means you get the best shot possible at realising your design ideas.

We're happy to hear from you and talk you through your options so get in touch with us regarding your projects requirements and queries. If you wish to come visit us and discuss your project in person please contact us to arrange an appointment at our office and we will be happy to advise you and offer solutions to all your residential or commercial projects.

Some Helpful Material

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Cedar Shingle Wall Installation Manual
Cladding Corners Install Guide
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Shiplap & Shadow Gap Install Guide
Tongue & Groove Install Guide
Western Red Cedar Uses

Freshly stained backyard deck.jpg
Expert Advice


We know that jobsites have a lot of moving parts and depend on lots of things going right all in a short space of time. Meeting timelines is critical to project development so we want to take as much of the logistical planning out of the equation for you by offering a direct to your door delivery service.
No matter the size of your order we have a delivery option to suit which will see your products delivered directly to you in the same top quality condition it left our premises in. We always aim to do this in a timely fashion that will coordinate with your workflow to keep you focused on the job at hand.
We understand that timing is critical when getting timber on site and have developed a tried and trusted solution to meeting those deadlines. We will reach your site no matter where it is and keep workers on site supplied and maintaining production in as seamless a way as possible.
For all large deliveries we take no chances and deliver direct to the client using our own trucks to lessen any potential problems when dealing with third party services who might sub contract various journey legs out.
For smaller deliveries we will use our trusted courier partner to ensure you too receive your timber products in just a timely manner direct to your door. 
We can also facilitate oversees delivery if you need it just get in contact and we will put our years of importing and exporting experience gained to good use and  give you your options regarding a quick and safe delivery.
We will deliver Your Timber, Your Way from Adanack's premises direct to your doorstep, when you need it, where you need it and with our guarantee of only the finest quality!

Warehouse with stacked wooden timber on racks for construction and repair.jpg
Direct To Customer


We are happy to facilitate delivery direct to you whether it be locally near our premises in Kerry or nationwide to your premises, site or private dwelling. Whatever size your order we have a range of solutions to get it to you safely and timely while maintaining the quality it left our facility in. If you have a deadline to work to we will do our best to accommodate it just get in contact with us to discuss your options.

Unloading wooden beams from truck.jpg
  • Direct to Wholesalers

  • Nationwide for Large Orders

  • Express Courier for Smaller Orders

  • Direct to Building Sites

  • Direct to Private Clients

  • Over-seas Delivery available

Timber delivery on route


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